The JetX Game Full Review

The JetX Game Full Review – JetX Game is a unique multiplier crash game, making more and more appearances in online casino game offerings. It may be one of the first in an expected new wave of online casino gaming focusing on multiplayer aspects and social gaming. The aspects historically have been overlooked in traditional casino games.

Below you can read our full review of the JetX Game, including where to play the JetX Game. In the JetX Game, players bet on how high a jet plane can fly before it crashes. Betting takes place before the jet plane takes off. During the betting phase, you can see the bets of other players participating in the game.

The JetX Game Full Review
The JetX Game Full Review

The JetX Game is a fun and popular crash game of luck and chance. Designed and developed by the Georgian software company SmartSoft Gaming, JetX’s innovative genius is in its simplicity. It doesn’t involve spins; instead, Jet X's goal is to get out of the jet before it inevitably explodes.

The JetX Game Full Review

Let´s take a  closer look at the game JetX Game, how it works, and how you can win when playing the most multiplier game of 2022. The basic idea is straightforward, the higher the jet goes, the bigger the multiplier is, and the bigger your winnings are, but this is only a part of the game. Let's start with the JetX Game review.

The JetX Game Full Review

The Top 3 JetX Game Online Casinos

The JetX Game Full Review

What Is the JetX Game?

The JetX Game is a crash gambling game initially released in 2015 on the Georgian gambling market. Then once the team at SmartSoft realised how popular it became in just a short time, they decided to launch it for the whole world to see in 2019 after making some tweaks and ensuring that it would fit the online gaming market around the world.

JetX Game loss

The JetX Game falls under the aircraft theme, and it has a simple game mechanic with excellent replayability. This makes it a great choice for both new and experienced players.

It also has a 90s arcade game design and style, with relaxing and whimsical music playing in the background. If you like playing games like the classic “Atari Games”, this is your game.

The JetX Game Full Review

The game Jet X Game is straightforward. All you have to do is place a bet or two (Yes, you can make one or two bets per game round) and wait until the round begins.

As the JetX Game jet starts shooting up to the stars, you must jump out of the jet before it explodes by clicking the ‘Collect’ button. Your winnings are calculated as follows: Your bet/bets x the multiplier. Let's clear this a bit.

If you bet 2€/$ and the multiplier will be 3.45x when you press to collect, your winnings will be ( 3.45*2 = 6.9€/$ )

The JetX Game Full Review

Now, if you have some Cryptos and are looking for a bitcoin casino to start playing on and are interested in playing the JetX Game, then we have to suggest that you give Best new Bitcoin Casino Kryptosino Casino a try.

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The JetX Game Full Review

The JetX Game is a community crash-style multiplayer casino game. This is one of the latest additions to online casinos in Canada, where a need for increased innovation and dynamic gameplay is sought after. Younger casino players have significantly higher social interaction and gameplay expectations than the boomer generation.

The JetX Game Controller

The JetX Game Controller is something that many players overlook, and they ignore the small things, as this is how you will be able to ensure that you will not lose your gaming budget immediately. Now read this part well.

JetX Game Controller
The JetX Game Controller

What to pay attention to in the JetX Game Controller?

There are the small leaver-looking things besides the BET and COLLECT parts, which are very important as you can take part in all the rounds by activating the “AUTO” besides the BET button with the pre-selected bet sizes.

Then you have the next auto leaver, beside the collect part, which is the MOST critical button in the game. By using this, you will ensure that you will collect the winnings generated by the multiplier at your desired “maximum point” you can always collect your winnings before, but this is a safety measure.

The JetX Game Full Review
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Auto-Withdraw or Manual Withdraw?

When it comes to cashing out, you have two options. You can either do it manually when you feel like it, or you can activate the auto-withdraw mode. With this option, you can set a goal multiplier at which you will automatically hop off the current round. Of course, you will lose if the plane crashes before this said multiplier.

Activating auto-withdraw does not mean you can’t withdraw manually. This is why some players put a mid to high multiplier in an auto-withdraw mode such as 20-30 and withdraw manually before reaching it if they feel like the plane is about to crash.

The JetX Game Mobile Full Review

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PoleStar Casino is the Best JetX Game Casino at the moment. They offer players the best mobile, tablet and computer gaming experience to offer their players, and the welcome bonus is very nice.

The JetX Game Full Review

As a new player, you can claim a welcome bonus of 1000€ or C$1500 on your first three deposits and start playing the JetX Game.

But if this is not your game for some reason, then it is good to remember that this casino establishment offers its players over 5600+ casino games; from those, around 5200 casino games can be played on a mobile device.

The JetX Game Full Review


The In-game Jackpots are played out by CHANCE. The Jackpot will be split only by the most active players in the game rounds. So if you are playing every second or third round, your chance to win the Jackpot is less than for the other players. If you are playing with less than (one) 1 GEL or 1€ will not let you participate in the POT!


The JetX Game Full Review

How to apply the Martingale to the JetX Game?

This technique we will present to you is well-known by many casino players and is also dangerous for various reasons. The Martingale technique starts with a small bet and doubles it at every lost bet. Bet €1, lose, bet €2, lose, bet €4, lose, bet €8, win. You have placed €15 in bets and won €16 on your last round. This is a profit of €1.

Risky Game
The limits of the Martingale

Martingale is a hazardous technique for various reasons. The first one is that most casinos clearly announce it is forbidden on their terms & conditions. The second one is that you need a pretty big bankroll to adopt this play style without going bankrupt in case of an unlucky run.

Because even when starting with the first bet of €1, in only nine lost bets in a row, you will have to bet €512: €1 – €2 – €4 – €8 – €16 – €32 – €64 – €128 – €256 and finally €512. If you want to try the Martingale on JetX, we advise you to start with even smaller bets such as 0.2€ or 0.4€.

The JetX Game Full Review
JetX button

Bets are gathered as the plane takes off. Shortly after take-off, the multiplier starts counting. The longer and higher the jet plane rise, the higher the multiplier. The trick is to cash out winnings before the plane crashes. If the player fails to cash out, bets are lost. Cashout too early, and the returns will be small.

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JetX Game Full Review FAQ

Can I play the JetX Game for free?

Most JetX Game casinos will allow you to play the game in “free mode” to test the game out.

What is the minimum bet on JetX?

The minimum bet is 0.10€, and you can play with one or two bets simultaneously.

What is the maximum bet on JetX?

The maximum bet is 600€, and you can play with one or two bets simultaneously.

Where can I play the JetX Game with real money?

Check out the list of the best casinos to play JetX and JetX3 on. Before playing this slot, don’t forget to claim the welcome bonus to start your session on a good bonus.

Is the JetX Game available on mobile devices?

Yes, Of course. It’s compatible with all known devices, including PCs, tablets, and mobile phones.

Can I win real money when playing the Jetx Game?

The answer is YES. We know that one of our VIP Players just won a few weeks back 11.400C$ on one game round!

What is the average position of JetX in the online casino lobbies?

This is a New Game so you will find it on the front page or under the NEW games section. If, for some reason, you cannot see it, use the search function, that will always work.

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JetX Game Full Review Final Words

It has come the time for us to provide you with the JetX Game Full Review Final Words; let´s start with the game studio, SmartSoft Gaming. This Georgian game producer is innovative, and they have taken a very different approach to games and the development of casino games. They want to provide casino players with new ways of gaming, and this is something that we admire.

We have been in touch with them several times, and we have met the team at several gaming events. We can say that they are a funny bunch of developers and have a very futuristic way of thinking, and we love that.

Then let´s take a look at the game; we are all from that age of time that we have been playing the old OG arcade games, and that is probably why we decided to give this game a chance. We immediately fell in love with the game, and it is not because of the big wins; it is because the game is so unpredictable, and the excitement it brings a player is something that we have not seen before in other casino games.

The JetX Game Full Review

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